We have Earn While You Learn (EWYL) programs, which are designed to help our clients gain parenting skills, knowledge, and confidence while earning “Baby Bucks” to go towards baby items.

Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

EWYL meetings are one-on-one with female Care Advocates. We offer a variety of topics and lessons for clients to choose from, ranging from pregnancy care and childbirth to discipline and parenting topics for older children.

Relational Resources

Part of our purpose is to help our clients pursue healthy relationships that are emotionally and physically secure while they carry and raise their children. We have a variety of topics that we can cover with clients, including setting healthy boundaries, sexual integrity, and establishing a healthy marriage.

Optional Bible Studies

While we welcome clients of any faith, we offer optional Bible studies for any clients who wish to strengthen their faith. Bible studies include basic devotions with their Care Advocate and booklets that clients can take home ranging from fundamental tenets of faith to more in-depth New Testament book studies.